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Helping Women Transition Out of Foster Care Successfully

Everything Turkey

Welcome to Everything Turkey Bistro To-Go!

A social enterprise of Women in Transition, Inc.

everything turkey bistro to-goMission:

Our mission is to serve women who are transitioning out of foster care by nurturing personal development to sustain viable employment to create an independent, safe, secure and stable life.


By 2020, Everything Turkey Bistro To-Go will be the most successful social enterprise preparing young women in foster care for an essential part of their transition to adulthood; Employment.

Why is Everything Turkey Bistro To-Go so Delicious?

Everything is homemade, well-seasoned and freshly prepared. It’s not processed food, it’s all homemade. Our turkeys are farm raised, cage free and grass feed. Purchased locally.

Everything Turkey food truckEverything Turkey
Bistro To-Go
a Social Enterprise:

Women in Transition, Inc. (WIT) has partnered with Everything Turkey, Inc, “Bistro To-Go”, to employ our participants and provide the job readiness and on the job training needed for entry level employment. We give them the opportunity to earn money while learning about the food service industry. Participants are trained in the fundamentals of food preparation and safe food handling as well as customer service, promotion, bookkeeping and functional reading and math.

Everything Turkey

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Women in Transition, Inc. is a 501c3 organization supported by individual donations.